Wedding of Bobby & Cass - Part 1 - Gary Ng Photography
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Wedding of Bobby & Cass – Part 1

Ah har I’m back like a wizard on a broom! Well, maybe not… Anyway I was busy last weekend with a wedding shoot for a beloved couple, Bobby & Cass. I was only hired to do the morning session though. The photos this time are in sequence so you can tell what is happening from one to the next. It’s kind of a long post, enjoy it.

End of part 1. Next part: Liberating the bride from the sisters. Nice tag line eh.

  • D...
    Posted at 09:58h, 31 May Reply

    LOL, that banana thing is so wrong!!!! 😀 I’ve never seen it before. It all looks like those boys had tons of fun…
    Good times Gary, good times…

  • Gary
    Posted at 16:29h, 31 May Reply

    hahaha yea, it whole thing was damn funny. btw, this is our typical chinese ceremony, where the guys have to get through the girls to get the bride

    • D...
      Posted at 07:13h, 01 June Reply

      It’s like some kind of man wedding challenge thing then huh? Now that is kooky.

      • Gary
        Posted at 21:02h, 01 June Reply

        it’s a challenge to the groom’s male friends which we call ‘brothers’. the challenges or ‘games’ are designed by the bride’s female friends and her sisters which we call ‘sisters’

    • D...
      Posted at 05:26h, 02 June Reply

      Hey Gary, did you ever think that your photos are educational :D. I’m learning a lot here, including new banana tactics.

      • Gary
        Posted at 22:39h, 02 June Reply

        My photography blog, educational? That’s kinda odd lol. Can’t deny the banana tactic education though.. rofl.. oh btw, totally loving ur new blog layout!

      • D...
        Posted at 04:19h, 03 June Reply

        I know, it is odd, huh? Kind of like those babies who learn through flash cards, but for adults? Cultural Events which include banana tactics?

        Thanks, I liked the new background when I saw it and thought it is time for a change. It sort of looks like a playbill to me.

  • Wedding of Bobby & Cass – Part 2 « Gnostecism Vision
    Posted at 20:46h, 03 June Reply

    […] wedding day photos of Bobby & Cass continues! In case you miss part 1, you can always click here to view it. This though, is part 2:  Liberating the bride from the […]

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