Reminiscence: The World of the Strange Tales – Part 3 - Gary Ng Photography
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Reminiscence: The World of the Strange Tales – Part 3

“It was a big challenge doing a Chinese story in China when you are Japanese, especially with such a famous piece of literature. Of course, I worked with local dance troupes there,” says Waguri during a recent interview at KLPac.

“For the author to collect so many stories about madness, he too must have been a little mad. Perhaps he had Kitsunetsuki (a state of possession by a fox spirit),” adds Waguri.

He believes that madness is an intrinsic part of Butoh, as dancers have to create an illusion of being mad.

“Say you have a dream where you’re a piece of glass. You are worried you could break if you so much as bump into a table. If you wake up and still think you’re glass, that’s madness!

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