See You When I See You - Gary Ng Photography
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See You When I See You

Solo Shorts Improvisation Project 2.0 : [See You When I See You] origins by the idea of goodbye and farewell. Life is a cycle of saying goodbye and begins a new journey. We will never certain when we will see the love ones again, yet the people we met along the way would always be a part making who we are at this moment. Jack Kek allows three dancers to explore themselves by using several concepts with different ways of body moving. At the same time, they also search for their own body language and dance styles.

GNG_8062 GNG_7508GNG_7780 GNG_7582GNG_7983 GNG_7635GNG_7987 GNG_7722 GNG_7846GNG_7529 GNG_7958GNG_7666 GNG_8029

This is an exceptionally tough shoot with little to no light at all. The performance itself was a breath of fresh air as dancers rotates between 3 themed spaces throughout the performance and audience have to follow the flow which is a little tough for a photographer. Luckily, things still turned out pretty well. I really need a full frame camera, anybody care to donate to my Nikon-D810-fund?

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