The Unicorn’s Travelogue – Part 3 - Gary Ng Photography
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The Unicorn’s Travelogue – Part 3

A total of six choreographers came together in The 9th Kua Bu – “The Unicorn’s Travelogue” to apply their thoughts and sentiments towards life, using different choreographic approaches and forms to create their works.

GNG_5465 GNG_5595 GNG_5911GNG_4338GNG_5021GNG_4399GNG_5859GNG_5553 GNG_4606GNG_5118GNG_4781GNG_5733 GNG_4884GNG_5338GNG_4494GNG_5126GNG_5235 GNG_5147GNG_5415GNG_5983 GNG_5184 GNG_5376

The choreographers, like a unicorn galloping and searching in a vast desert of people, target something higher in value and more precious than what the casual traveller would aim for. That something the “unicorn” seeks for is “the present”, which will be kept safely with the unicorn’s belongings. Performed by Kwang Tung Dance Company.

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