Kok Kuen & Lavonne - Gary Ng Photography
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Kok Kuen & Lavonne

Let’s begin the new year with something happy! Ladies and gentlemen, the wedding of Kok Kuen & Lavonne!

GNG_7793 GNG_7825 GNG_7844 GNG_7871 GNG_7884 GNG_7941GNG_8084GNG_7968 GNG_7976GNG_8008 GNG_8020 GNG_8039GNG_8053 GNG_8056 GNG_8106 GNG_8125 GNG_8161 GNG_8189 GNG_8228 GNG_8235 GNG_8278 GNG_8299 GNG_8326 GNG_8341 GNG_8345 GNG_8391 GNG_8399 GNG_8417 GNG_8445 GNG_8563 GNG_8586 GNG_8623 GNG_8734 GNG_8791GNG_8775GNG_8750

Btw, Happy Chinese New Year guys! May the year of the goat bring all good fortune and good health. Most important of all, may there be understanding amongst all and may the world be at peace. More coming up! Stay tuned!

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