Aduh, Seroja! - Gary Ng Photography
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Aduh, Seroja!

A production as part of Kuala Lumpur International Arts Festival that features the stories of 4 iconic women in Malaysian history/mythology – Mahsuri, Tun Teja, Puteri Sa’adong and Tun Fatimah, who were all victims of injustices of society or men. They were maligned. However, despite these adversities, each of them sought their own justice and rose to become symbols of strength and courage in Malaysia.
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In this production, that is the brainchild of KLIAF Artistic Director, Datuk Ramli Ibrahim, the focus is not a literal narrative but an abstraction that gives the context of their individual journeys, using the vocabulary of classical Malay dance as the primary movement motif. The audiences witnessed dances of joget gamelan from the eastern state of Terengganu, Terinai from Perlis, Asyik from Kelantan form the foundation of exploration for the choreography. There will new music by Teuku Umar Illany using gamelan ensemble.forms.


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