Ming Lee & Ewe Jin ROM - Gary Ng Photography
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Ming Lee & Ewe Jin ROM

Who ever said you can’t marry your best friend? Ming Lee & Ewe Jin’s relationship is the definition of love itself. Here are photos from their Registration of Marriage, enjoy!

GNG_8422GNG_8446 GNG_8481 GNG_8488 GNG_8492 GNG_8510GNG_8512 GNG_8548 GNG_8552GNG_8556 GNG_8553 GNG_8562 GNG_8563 GNG_8568 GNG_8572 GNG_8574 GNG_8575 GNG_8577 GNG_8581 GNG_8585 GNG_8586 GNG_8589 GNG_8591 GNG_8596 GNG_8599 GNG_8609 GNG_8614 GNG_8643 GNG_8651 GNG_8659 GNG_8662 GNG_8669

Congrats to both of them again!


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