Ladies of the Red Chamber - Part 2 - Gary Ng Photography
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Ladies of the Red Chamber – Part 2

In addition, it is an honor to invite the emerging local Chinese music orchestra – Ricco Chinese Chamber Orchestra, and the famous Guzheng artist from Hong Kong – Lee Khun Chap, as their live music artists. Thus, this is a significance Chinese cultural project and international collaboration that integrates Chinese Literature X Chinese Dance X Chinese Music.GNG_1667 GNG_2589 GNG_1839 GNG_2464 GNG_2849 GNG_2742 GNG_2145 GNG_2789 GNG_2029 GNG_2372 GNG_2959 GNG_3096 GNG_2937 GNG_2894 GNG_2275 GNG_1983 GNG_3325 GNG_2656 GNG_1778 GNG_2555 GNG_2493 GNG_3013

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